Where to Buy a Wireless IP Phone

If you are interested in buying a VoIP Internet phone and have already decided on a wireless IP phone, then you are going to need to be aware of where you can go to find one. There are actually a couple different retailers that are going to be worth checking out if you are looking to buy a wireless IP phone, and which will be discussed in detail for you here.

VoIP Supply

The VoIP Supply Company is definitely one of the first that you should check out if you are searching for a wireless IP phone or any other IP or VoIP device. They are recognized as being the leading online retailer of VoIP hardware and software components, and they maintain a call center of trained sales and engineering personnel who are willing and able to assist you at all times of your shopping experience.

They offer an array of VoIP components, the largest online product catalog of VoIP products, network components, power, cabling and accessories, pre-sales support, including technical assistance and service, convenient online ordering and live sales support, domestic and international shipping, including drop shipments and blind shipments, post sales support, including customer service RMA and tech support, and real time reports detailing activity and tracking.


Another company you may want to check out for a wireless IP phone is ShopBot. One of their best selling wireless IP phone devices is the Netgear SPH200D, this being a dual-mode cordless phone with which you can make and receive traditional calls as well as VoIP calls.

You get crystal clear voice quality and longer range with DECT cordless technology, can use the phone to make phone calls or Skype calls, simply by connecting the base to your phone line and router. You are able to able to manage your contact list and see who is available to talk to, and use premium services such as SkypeIn, SkypeOut, and Skype Voicemail.

Regardless of which particular phone you decide to go with, the most important thing is that you are aware of all the different benefits that you are going to be receiving by making the switch. It is really a surprise that the VoIP service is not more popular than it is, as you are only going to be getting advantages and benefits over your regular phone service. The main reason that people are not so willing to switch is because they are not educated enough on the VoIP services and what it has to offer.


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