How To Set Up A Small Business VOIP System

There are several components to a small business VOIP system that you will need to configure to get up and running. While this may seem like a daunting task, if you are familiar with how networks function than you should not have a whole lot of issues. This article will take a look at the several different parts of the small business VOIP and explain to you what you need in order to get everything configured.

Components Of A Small Business VOIP

The first thing you will need is an existing CAT 5 cable infrastructure. If your office is wired for internet then you should be all set. I would highly recommend labeling and tracing all the lines and verifying that they all terminate in the server room. If you have a cable tester than this will work perfectly for the function of testing and seeing where the cables go. If you do not have a cable tester, than I highly recommend getting one as sometime down the road you are going to want to verify the integrity of your cables.

Next up in the process of setting up your small business VIOP is your server configuration. After you have the server tied into the router you are going to want to get some VOIP software. There are many different brands and companies that offer software, so this choice is completely up to you. After choosing the software you are ready for the step.

You now need to choose and configure your VOIP business phones. Just make absolutely sure that these phones will work with the software you have chosen and you should be all set. This is a critical step in the setup of your small business VOIP as any phones you choose at this juncture will limit or expand on the features you need, so be very careful in your decision.

After choosing all the above components you now need to find a service provider. Usually this will be through whoever is doing your internet configuration, although you can go with any number of third party software providers.

That is a very simplistic ten thousand foot view of what you need to do to set up your small business VOIP. Follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to ask questions and seek support when problems arrive. If you do that you will find the setup and configuration to be a lot less difficult.


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