Why You Want To Have Business VOIP

There are many reasons why getting business VOIP is a good idea. Most of the more successful companies these days have added business VOIP to their phone systems. There are specific reasons as to why they have done this and I am going to let you in on those.

Why Business VOIP

The first reason is cost. If you have a nationwide sales organization I am sure you know how much long distance and even local phones can cost. If you switch over to business VOIP you should be able to find a provider that will be able to provide you with phone service for a flat fee each month with no additional long distance or time charges. What this means is that your sales people can call anywhere for any length of time and you will be charged the same price. Now it is up to you to motivate your team so that they are taking advantage of this system, but the system is there.

The next reason that business VOIP is so popular is because it is easily expandable. The phones can be added and as long as you have free IP’s and the bandwidth available, expanding your network should cost very little and be very easy. Also as a part of this is that the phones use your existing IP network, so anywhere you have a network drop you can have a phone. From and IT perspective this makes it a lot easier to set up and maintain the IP phone network. Even a small business VOIP can take advantage of the existing infrastructure and expand very quickly and easily.

The next thing that makes business VOIP a smart decision for growing companies on the move is how portable it is. All you have to do is pack up you phones then reconnect them to the switch and router once you get to your new location. That is it. Most business offices will already have the IP network patched in place so setting up should be easy as one two three.

The last thing that makes a business VOIP system the right choice for companies today is how well it can tie into your CRM and workers computers. A good system will allow them to dial directly from the phone and also bring up accounts based on the incoming call. Many CRM’s can take and give information to and from the phone allowing your sales team to respond and act quickly.

As you can see in the modern era having a business VOIP system is most definitely the way to go.


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