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SIP VoIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the IETF protocol for VOIP and other text and multimedia sessions, like instant messaging, video, online games and various other services. The SIP VoIP is actually much like HTTP, the Web protocol, or SMTP which is like the USB VoIP.

The SIP VoIP offers all of the potentialities of the common Internet Telephony features like call or media transfer, call conference, and call hold.

Key Features

The SIP VoIP can be regarded as the enabler protocol for telephony and voice over IP services, and there are a few features in particular that play a major role in the enablement of IP telephony and VoIP.

This includes Name Translation and User Location, ensuring that the call reaches the called party wherever they are located. Carrying out any mapping of descriptive information to location information. There is also the Feature Negotiation feature, which allows the group that is involved in a call to agree on the features supported, recognizing that not all the parties can support the same level of features.

There is also the option of call feature changes, and a user should be able to change the call characteristics during the course of a call, making it easy to make changes whenever you want to, rather than having to end the call that you are on first.

With the media negotiation feature, the inherent SIP mechanisms that enable negotiation of the media used in a call, enable selection of the appropriate codec for establishing a call between the various devices, and this way the less advanced devices can still participate in the call, provided that the appropriate codec is selected.


Obviously there are quite a few benefits, whether you are using the SIP VoIP services or any other VoIP services. VoIP saves you money and is cost efficient, and so whether you are using your VoIP for your residence or business, you will find it much cheaper than your normal telephone costs.

There is also the option to integrate with audio, data and video applications. How about the ability to integrate your computer applications such as email, fax, Web conferencing and video phone with your telephone needs? This way you will be able to save a great deal of money and energy because all of the services will be combined into one basic application.

You also have the ability to choose your own area codes, so it is suitable for those whose friends and family all live in one particular location.


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