What Is A VOIP Business Phone?

A VOIP business phone, or voice over IP phone, is a phone that dials out using your internet connection as opposed to a phone line. There are many advantages to using a VOIP business phone over a regular phone. This article is going to take a look at what these advantages are and why you want to consider using a VOIP business phone.

What Can A VOIP Business Phone Do That My Normal Phone Cannot?

There are many features of a VOIP business phone that make it the preferred choice for professional offices today. First and foremost, a VOIP business phone network is easy to manage through the servers that you currently have in place. If you already have an IT staff then using them to manage your VOIP network should not be anything foreign to them.

Secondly a VOIP business phone network will use the hardware you have in place. You can use your existing network connections to hook all of your phones in. By using this existing network you eliminate the cost of having to run additional wires. In addition you can centrally manage both your computer and VOIP network from one spot quickly and easily.

While we are on the subject of cost let us take a look at what a VOIP business phone can do cheaper than its LAN line counterpart. First off with most business VOIP services there is not charge for long distance or for additional phones. With LAN phone service you have to pay for each additional and pay for phone service. By using a VOIP business phone you can have each phone on an extension and simply pay for the service. Usually, unless you have a very small office, the VOIP business phone will work out to be far cheaper.

Another great option of the VOIP business phone is that it can connect into you CRM program to dial out automatically and link your calls with your systems. This is very handy for tracking sales person’s activities as well as being a useful tool for your salespeople. This again brings us to another advantage of the VOIP system – the ability to monitor and track metrics for your sales team. Logs, reports, and just about every activity done through the phone can be saved as text files and emailed to whoever you want.

As you can see the advantages of the VOIP system are plentiful for even the smaller sized business. You can now see why so many companies are switching to this system.


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