VoIP Service Provider: Know The Right Internet Speed

One of the most frequently asked questions that most people need to be answered is establishing the right Internet speed that will help users get the most out of their VoIP. In case you are unsure about this, you need to do some research and find out what is right for your needs; otherwise, you could well make an investment that will not be worth your while. It is important that you learn how not to make the mistake of choosing the wrong Internet speed and so, before choosing your VoIP service provider you must be aware of the slowest acceptable Internet speed.

Minimum Bandwidth

It is very common for a VoIP service provider to build their system in such a manner that it uses the minimum bandwidth and this in turn translates that the system being used will hardly be strained when handling your VoIP. Normally, VoIP requires just fifty kilobytes per second (kpbs) and this is not an awful lot. In theory, it would mean that if you were able to get a minimum Internet speed of around one hundred and twenty-seven kpbs, you would not have any difficulties when using your VoIP.

In practice, however, it is not always possible for the VoIP service provider to offer you the Internet speed that they have advertised. Even if the Internet speed that the VoIP service provider promises you is just eleven kpbs; this is hardly ever achieved in practice. Not getting the proper Internet speed can result in poor quality VoIP including having your calls being disconnected or the conversation over the VoIP may sound unclear, and often, the person at the other end may have difficulty in even hearing what you are saying.

Such problems can only be rectified if you are able to get the right Internet speed and typically, you should ask your VoIP service provider to provide you with at least 1.5 mbps of Internet speed, which will assure you of good quality VoIP. Not only will you not have trouble with VoIP, but you will also be able to surf the Net without much difficulties - if you have such minimum speeds.

In fact, the higher the Internet speed, the easier it becomes for you to receive calls; however, it is only necessary to have very high Internet speeds when you are using your VoIP for business purposes. For those who are not running businesses, there is really not much need to ask the VoIP service provider to offer more than 1.5mbps Internet speed.

The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing a VoIP phone provider or even a VoIP service provider, pricing and features should be your prime concern. If your VoIP service provider provides you with at least 1.5mbps of Internet speed, and you are not using the VoIP for business purposes, you can expect to enjoy your VoIP; otherwise, you may need to find a VoIP service provider that can offer you quicker Internet speeds.


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