How to Build a VoIP Network

The VoIP technology is a relatively new one, one that offers users a wealth of opportunity and benefits and which you should definitely become more familiar with.

If you are interested in learning how to build a VoIP network, whether it will be personal or business VoIP network, it is important to realize that the process, although it may sound rather complex at first, is really not all that hard.

Hardware Requirements

First let’s start by talking about the hardware requirements here for setting up a VoIP network. The backbone of any VoIP network is in its hardware infrastructure, and so this is going to be one of the most important steps of all. Hardware essentially will have to do two things: run the software that you need and be reliable.

Registration Duties

There are also certain registration duties that you are going to need to be aware of if you want to set up a VoIP network. The good news is that the best registration service out there is open-source and so it is free. However, given the low cost of hardware for these types of networks these days, there is not a lot of point in skimping below that.

There are a few concepts that make VoIP so important, including peering, presence, WiFi roaming, hard roaming, intelligent call roaming, and Codec transcoding/decision making.


You are also going to have to think about hosting to set up a VoIP network. It is important to remember that you are going to be building a layer 5 network and that you can therefore distribute servers geographically. Your openSER based SIP servers are simply dealing with registration and lookup duties, and they respond with messages when a user wants to do something like pick up the phone and dial a number.

Keep in mind that no audio passes through them and so quality of service from a bandwidth point of view is not really all that important.

As long as you take all of these issues into serious consideration and make a point of becoming as educated as possible on the matter, you should have no trouble creating a network and should come out of it all with some great results, taking advantage of all that the VoIP technology has to offer you.

Also remember that if you are ever having difficulties here, there are some fantastic trained professionals out there who will be more than willing and able to help you out here.


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