What Can A Business VOIP Solution Do For You?

There are many things that a business VOIP solution can do to help your business. If you are unfamiliar with what a business VOIP solution is or why you would want one then read on and you will surely gain some insight and possibly find out what you have been missing.

Basics Of A Business VOIP Solution

A business VOIP solution is simply having your phones on an IP network and using that to be able to dial out to other phone systems. If you are familiar with a typical IP computer network then you can think of each phone as simply being a computer on that network. Now the phones are very specialized computers on the network in that their primary function is simply to make phone calls, but because of the flexibility of Internet Protocol, or IP, these phones can do wondrous things that regular phones could never accomplish.

If you are looking at it from a managerial perspective then the phones are wonderful because they give you the ability to track and monitor all of your employee’s activities. The phones will connect into your server and from there you can track quickly and easily talk times, outbound numbers, inbound numbers and just about anything else that could go on on your phone.

In addition because the phone is on the network it can tie into your workers computers very easily. What this means is that they can dial out through there computers and tie the phone in directly to your CRM. This means they can quickly and easily track their own calls as well as have the phone dial out automatically. No need to punch the numbers in and you can be assured that they will be accurate. This great VOIP business opportunity to improve the productivity of your sales teams will pay dividends.

Also because the business VOIP solution can use your current internet infrastructure there is very little hardware upgrade cost associated with installing the phone network. The main cost will be the subscription to the software and the purchasing of the actual phones. While this is not cheap, it is far cheaper than trying to drop in land lines for all of your employees. These are expensive and very difficult to manage, the polar opposite of a business VOIP solution.

You should now have a good idea of the benefits of getting a VOIP system. Take a look around and talk with fellow business owners and I am sure that you will find most have now made the move over to VOIP.


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